The processing

The Ciavolino Daniele & Figli company has a long experience and know-how in pine nuts processing.

The company has recently started to innovate its plant in Ardea (RM) with several investments in new equipment and technology. The result is a certified high quality product.

To get 1 kg of pine nuts it takes about 30 kg of pine cones.

The Pinus Pinea (domestic pine) is an evergreen tree spread throughout the Mediterranean area (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey); it is usually 10 meters in height even if sometimes can exceptionally exceed the 30 meters.

Not everybody knows that the pine cones take approximately 3 years to reach maturity: a very long time if compared to any other pine. There are many factors that influence the yield of the pine cone such as: origin, harvest time, soil and not least infestation by Leptoglossus Occidentalis. Thus the yield of white pinenuts varies from 1% to 3%. These are some of the reasons why the pine nut is considered such a valuable and expensive food.

The harvesting of pine cones takes place from autumn to spring. The entire production cycle, from the milling of the cone to the shelled seeds (white pine nuts) needs three days of processing. All the raw material is stored within the company and comes from qualified suppliers. When the pine cones are matured, they are milled and the pines nuts, still in their shells are extracted. These are then shelled, washed, dried, selected and finally packed.

Some relevant investments and technological innovations allowed the company to increase the product value and improve quality from a bacteriological point view. Furthermore the company has gained several quality certifications both in Italy and abroad, such as BIOAGRICERT, BIO-SUISSE, NOP e KOSHER, ISO 9001:2008, IFS, BRC.


The Ciavolino Daniele & Figli Roma follows a security protocol to guarantee quality at all stages of production and processing. Moreover, the company has recently introduced an Analysis and Research Laboratory within its production plant to allow a daily monitoring of the pine nuts, from a microbiological point of view and ensure the highest quality standards. At the end of the pine nuts processing, a certificate of microbiological analysis is issued for each production lot, in compliance with the strictest European and international requirements.


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